Priyanka Dhapare

Let's get acquainted!

I’m a Vancouver-based Product Designer and UX Researcher, pursuing Masters of Digital Media at the Centre for Digital Media.

I started off with an undergrad in Computer Engineering but soon realized that I wasn't as passionate about coding as I was about problem-solving. A few side projects led me to exploring the field of UX and I found myself falling in love with it!

My greatest motivation is to design digital products that have the potential to create a positive and long-lasting impact on people’s lives

Design Process

In my role at Autosync, I have the opportunity to work across multiple teams, each with varying levels of design maturity. To streamline our design process and ensure alignment across teams, my colleagues and I developed our version of the double diamond approach. This approach highlights different stakeholders and artifacts from different stages of the design process.

Depending on the scale of the projects, these artifacts may vary. However, by presenting this infographic, we were able to get more buy-in from managers. It helped them understand our internal design process and the value it brings to the organization. This approach has helped us create a more cohesive and efficient design process, enabling us to deliver high-quality solutions across our product range.

When I’m not on Figma, I enjoy…